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I am skeptical of the belief that informational knowledge exists at all. At the very least, I think it is highly overrated. Does one even posses knowledge devoid of the ability to speak about it? Just because you read a book and your eyes glossed over the page does not mean that you gained knowledge in this process. If you cannot produce that knowledge in … Continue reading Skills > Info

Motivation as a Physics

The word motivation derives from the Latin word ‘movere’ which means to move.  The study of the motivation could be described as the study of how and why people move. When viewed this way, the complexity of behavior is boiled down to a series of movements.  Ordinarily, the study of how and why things move is called Physics.  There have been two principal world-views in … Continue reading Motivation as a Physics

Hidden History of Media Lunas

You can hardly walk one block here in Buenos Aires without seeing a sign for a cafe selling medialunas. Media Lunas are croissants covered in a sugar glaze. They are delicious, especially with a café. And they cost hardly anything. One store sells 2 for 12 pesos. (roughly 20 cents for 2 croissants.) But where did these things come from? And how did they get … Continue reading Hidden History of Media Lunas